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"Psy Force" Star Sounds Orchestra

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Psy Force

Star Sounds Orchestra

Planetary Psychedelic Trance

Indian deities, mayan shamen and aliens are drawn together on an african trancefloor. "Psy Force" was the first Psytrance CD of STAR SOUNDS ORCHESTRA and was released on Spirit Zone Records in 1997. This album opened the door to the major psychedelic trance festivals for SSO. Soon there was scarcely a flyer which did not feature SSO in big letters among the lineup; 100,000s of trancers celebrated at the live appearances of SSO around the globe.
Often imitated but never equalled: Steve Schroyder, the electronic mastermind devoted to the synthesizer since his work with Tangerine Dream a good 35 years ago, and the percussionist Jens Zygar, whose set of up to 20 planetarily tuned gongs can even make large stages appear small, have set a milestone of the genre with "Psy Force".

Tracks / Tuning
1. Return To The Force Earth day
2. Aruna Sun + Venus
3. Youth Machine
4. A.I.S. Saturn
5. Space clan
6. Komaga Mars beat, Venus tune
7. I.C.P. Venus
8. Transmission 99
9. Ajundra Mercury

CDr 69:40 minutes