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"Ooz" Star Sounds Orchestra

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Star Sounds Orchestra

Planetary Psychedelic Trance

Scottish Bravehearts and African pygmies groove to solar beats and psytrance melodies; lunar pop sequences awaken tantric feelings and a spirited Mars provides ample energy. To coincide with the Solipse Festival in Hungary, at which over 25,000 people celebrated the total solar eclipse with STAR SOUNDS ORCHESTRA in August 1999, their second psytrance album - "Ooz" - was released on Spirit Zone Records.

Tracks / tuning
01. Neanderthal Love
02. Burundi Sun beat
03. Anandamid Mars geocentric
04. Dark X-Mass Mars
05. Washington Mars beat
06. Hovek Olam
07. Western Moon Mars tune
08. The Dawning Sun beat
09. Liquid Magic Moon, synodic
10. Dream Weavers

CDr 66:23 minutes