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"Music for Growing" B. Ashra

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Music for Growing

B. Ashra

Molecularly Ambience / THC Tunings

THC molecule based on the calculations of Hans Cousto. Homeopathic essences of frequencies, designed to trigger the documented psychotropic effect of THC through our sense of hearing or - as an agent - pass it on to the plant. This is the sound and rhythm of pure oscillations from the cannabis plant itself.

The basic idea behind the creation of this CD stems from the desire to stimulate plant growth through sound projection. In the production of this album particular hemispheric synchronizations of the THC molecular frequency (10.77 Hz) were used, acoustically blending pure THC sinus waves with the additional six spectra of the molecule, in the form of wind chimes.
1 Track "Potento"

CD 74 min.