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"Klangwelt OM" Jörg Fassl

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Klangwelt OM

Jörg Fassl

The OM tone, which has a long tradition, allows us to relax deeply, brings our energy into a healthy flow and gives us peace of mind. Combined with the tone of Jupiter and the particularly deep, earthy sounds of various natural instruments, including singing bowls, gongs and didgeridoos, the result is an interplay that connects heart and mind and gets under the skin. (Backcover text)

1. Dynamisches Klangbad 59:12 Min.
2. Kraftvolle Klangdusche 19:48 Min.

Sound samples (each 1 minute)
Dynamisches Klangbad 1
Dynamisches Klangbad 2
Dynamisches Klangbad 3
Dynamisches Klangbad 4
Dynamisches Klangbad 5
Dynamisches Klangbad 6
Kraftvolle Klangdusche 1
Kraftvolle Klangdusche 2
Kraftvolle Klangdusche 3

CD 79 Min. GEMA-frei