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"Klangwellen" Jörg Fassl

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Jörg Fassl


The sound therapist and musician Jörg Fassl recorded the meditative music with didgeridoo, gongs, singing bowls and monochord. It is an acoustic sound journey that stimulates the chakras of the human body. The energy centers can be particularly addressed and influenced positively with appropriate planetary tones.

Tracks - Tuning

  1. Tiefe Erdenenergie - Earth day (Sample)
  2. Verspielte Mondlichtwellen - Moon, synodic
  3. Feurige Sonnenkraft - Sun (Sample)
  4. Himmlische Seelenklänge - Earth year
  5. Tanzender Götterfunke - Mercury
  6. Kosmische Hochzeit - Mars & Venus (Sample)
  7. Leuchtender Weltenklang - Earth, platonic year

CD 44:36 min., GEMA-free