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"Klangschalen Chakra Meditation" Richard Hiebinger

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Klangschalen Chakra Meditation

Richard Hiebinger

New Age, singing bowl meditation

This double CD contains pieces of music for meditation, chakra work and energetic healing methods. They are based on the intuitive perceptions of monks in the Himalayas, the research of Pythagoras, Johannes Kepler and the calculations of planetary sound frequencies by Hans Cousto. All Tibetan singing bowls have been carefully selected and recorded with the highest sound quality.

On the first CD the planetary sounds rise from the earth via the root chakra. The gentle sound of the sea accompanies the singing bowls and creates a connection to nature. CD1 is also suitable for rooms with disturbing background noise, as the sound of the sea effectively neutralizes this.

On the second CD the planetary sounds sink from the 8th chakra (soul star) down into the earth root chakra. The singing bowls fade into complete silence, supporting deep relaxation and meditation.

CD 1 with the sound of the sea

  1. Intro: cymbal + grated singing bowl
  2. Jupiter: Earth Root Chakra
  3. Earth Day: Root Chakra
  4. Moon, synodic: sexual chakra
  5. Uranus: Sexual Chakra Yang
  6. Neptune: Sexual Chakra Yin
  7. Lunar Node: Spleen Chakra
  8. Sun: Solar Plexus Chakra
  9. Venus: Heart Chakra
  10. Earth year / OM: Heart Chakra
  11. Pluto: Thymus Chakra
  12. Mercury: Throat Chakra
  13. Saturn: Atlas Chakra
  14. Mars: Brow Chakra
  15. Hopi Heart: Pituitary Chakra
  16. Platonic Year: Crown Chakra
  17. Kairon: Soul Star
  18. Earth's magnetic field: Aura

Audio sample: 1. Intro and 2. Jupiter.

CD 2 pure singing bowls

  1. Intro: cymbal + grated singing bowl
  2. Kairon: Soul Star
  3. Platonic Year: Crown Chakra
  4. Hopi Heart: Pituitary Chakra
  5. Mars: forehead chakra
  6. Saturn: Atlas Chakra
  7. Mercury: Throat chakra
  8. Pluto: Thymus Chakra
  9. Earth year / OM: Heart Chakra
  10. Venus: Heart Chakra
  11. Sun: Solar Plexus Chakra
  12. Lunar Node: Spleen Chakra
  13. Neptune: Sexual Chakra - Yin
  14. Uranus: Sexual Chakra Yang
  15. Moon synodic: sexual chakra
  16. Earth Day: Root Chakra
  17. Jupiter: Earth Root Chakra
  18. Earth's magnetic field - Aura

Audio sample: 09. Jahreston

2CD 128 minutes