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'grosse meister in farbnoten'

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Große Meister


Dobretzberger / Paul / Schmid

Language: German

Great Masters in color notes for piano (with color marks for the keyboard).

This colormusic book is a homage to the great musicians of past centuries. Their works have remained with us to this day in the form of note symbols and appear here in the new light of color notes. The world of the great masters has now become accessible in a completely new way. Parallel to the color notes, the pieces of music are shown in conventional musical notation on the left-hand pages. We recommend that piano beginners start with the colomusic book "easy keys".

After an introduction, the booklet contains the simplest classical piano pieces

  • Anonyme Romanze Part 1 in A minor
  • Anonyme Romanze Part 2 in E major
  • J. B. Lully: "Minuet" in D minor
  • J. P. Rameau: "Minuet" in D major
  • Domenico Scarlatti: "Sonata" in C major
  • Leopold Mozart: "Minuet" in D minor
  • Georg Philipp Telemann: "Gavotte" in C major
  • Georg Friedrich Händel: "Minuet" in A minor
  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: "Minuet" in C major
  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: "Minuet" Köchl.V. Nr. 2
  • Ludwig van Beethoven: "Deutscher Tanz" in C major
  • Johann Sebastian Bach: "Musette" in D major
  • Johann Sebastian Bach: "Minuet" in G minor
  • Wilhelm Friedemann Bach: "Minuet" in -major
  • Carl Philipp Emanuell Bach: "Minuet" in F minor
  • Joseph Haydn: "Minuet" in F major

and an explanation of the old musical notation compared to color notation.

Visit www.colormusic.de for information about the color notes.

  • Große Meister in Farbnoten für piano
  • With self-adhesive color markers for 2 x 88 piano keys
  • Ring binding, 42 pages, format 8.3 x 11.7''