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'easy keys'

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Product no.: 10101


easy keys


Dobretzberger / Paul / Schmid

Language: German

Playing the piano and keyboard made easy (with keyboard color marks)

Do you want to play the piano or keyboard, but the old musical notation is far too complicated? Beginners will have immediate success with the colormusic color sheet music, because the music is represented here visually, without clefs, flags and all the cryptic symbols. The colormusic system, in which 12 colors correspond to the 12 notes in an octavan analogue, offers an easy introduction to keyboard playing.

The color notes are that simple:

  • Reading direction = from bottom to top. As on the keyboard, the notes for the low tones are on the left and for the high tones on the right.
  • Tone length = Length of the note
  • Note = twelve tones - twelve colors
  • Color marks = keys marked in the corresponding color

The art of playing the piano and keyboard is taught step by step: first one hand, then the other, then both hands alternately, then simultaneously. With the piece "Der Daumenwandert" the scale fingerings also become easy to play. On the left-hand pages of the booklet, the pieces of music are also in the old sheet music, which is easier to learn thanks to the color notes.

"easy keys" is the basis for the other color music books "Kinderlieder" and "Große Meister". The "Farbklavierzyklus" contains all three booklets. Information about the colormusic system and free PDFs at www.colormusic.de

  • easy key Klavier und Keyboardspielen leichtgemacht
  • With self-adhesive color markers for 2 x 88 piano keys
  • Ring binding, 42 pages, format 8.3 x 11.7''