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"Earth Trilogy" Akasha Project

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Earth Trilogy

Akasha Project

Deep Planetary Meditation

The tonic notes, the tempi and also the length of the three pieces by Akasha Project are calculated from our planet's three elements of motion, in exact accordance with the law of the octave. Unusually, the frequencies of each note on the synthesizer are altered in such a way that the scales of notes are tuned exactly diatonically - that is to say, in each case exactly according to the natural overtones. In this way a clarity of resonance was achieved which is not possible with normal chromatic tuning.
CD 1

The Earth's orbit around the sun.

A sound of the spheres which slowly unfolds and is exactly tuned to the calming octave frequency of the Earth Year - an instrumental OM for the new era. "It is as if the soul is freed from the dictates of the intellect and recognises the limitations of reason." Hans Cousto.

The Earth's rotation about its axis.

The tonic note of this piece is determined from the Earth Day, which is measured from the highest point of a fixed star to the moment 23 hours, 56 minutes later when it returns to the same place. " The dynamic G of the Earth Day always has something of a fresh breeze about it," is the musician's experience with this frequency of note.

CD 2

The precession of the earth´s axis (platonic year)

This piece is derived from the circular motion of the earth's axis, which moves the spring equinox - when day and night are equal - once through the entire zodiac in 25,920 years. The music is like an unrestricted journey through new, vast worlds whose expanded dimensions leave everyday concepts far behind - it clears the spirit which is left free for creative imaginings.

2CDr 128 minutes