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"Der Mond 210,42 Hz" Barbara Ostertag

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Der Mond 210,42 Hz

Barbara Ostertag

Singing Bowl Meditation

PurePlanet Sound

Barbara Ostertag, Eva Stöber, Elke Maier-Wenzl and Wolfgang Gleixner only play singing bowls that are tuned to the octave tone of the moon phase cycle. Barbara Ostertag grew up with classical music and yoga and has been working as a yoga teacher for many years.

1. Mond-Mantra (Moon-Mantra)
Sound sample

2. Lied des Mondes (Song of the Moon)
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3. Tanz der Mondgeister (Dance of the moon spirits)
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4. Wolkenfelder (cloud fields)
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5. Klang-Teppich: Tief (Sound carpet: Low)
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6. Klang-Teppich: Hoch schnell (Sound carpet: High fast)
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7. Klang-Teppich: Hoch ruhig (Sound carpet: High quiet )
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CD 60 minutes, GEMA-free