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  • WELCOME to the home of COSMIC OCTAVE

"Cosmic Ambient Garden" Akasha Project

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Cosmic Ambient Garden

Akasha Project

Planetary Ambience, Chill-Out, Downtempo

Thirteen delicate sound images invite to a relaxing horizontal journey through romantic spheres. According to the law of the cosmic octave by Hans Cousto the 'Klangwirkstoff' is a sound of fluidity and sophistication creating a perfect setting for the individual 'cinema of the mind'. The tunings are organized according to the affect, which it has on the mind. This may trigger the sub-consciousness representing an entrance to the hidden archaic levels of dream states. A sensitive, audiophile synapse massage, which offers the possibility to soften too hardened reality concepts a little.

Track / tuning

  1. Welcome
  2. Zero Seven Mars
  3. Chemical Seed MDMA
  4. Cosmic Garden Earth year / Earth day
  5. Electric Mantra Earth year
  6. Venus Fly Venus
  7. Platonic Feel Earth, platonic year
  8. Field Walk Earth year
  9. Jules Verne Jupiter / Sonne
  10. A Day Of The World Earth day
  11. Mercury Mind Mercury
  12. Sunrise Sun
  13. Just One Turn Away Earth, platonic year

CDr 77:13 Minuten