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CDr "Venus Transit"

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Star Sounds Orchestra

Planetary Ambience, Chillout, Meditation

CDr "Venus Transit" von Star Sounds Orchestra

Planetary Ambience, Chillout, Meditation

The Star Sounds Orchestra musically reflects the astronomical events of the century. The transits of Venus in 2004 and eight years later in 2012 were presented with concerts in Austria and in Germany. Viewed from planet earth during a transit the planet Venus can be observed as a little spot on the surface of the sun. It is a very rare moment of complete harmony. In mythosophy, it symbolizes the synergy of the life-determining energy of the sun with the harmonious dance of Venus, which is drawing a five-leaf lotus in the sky within eight years.

Tracklist Tuning tempo - bpm minutes

1. Venus Passengers
2. Venus Transit Phase 1
3. Venus Transit Prologue
4. Venus Transit Epilogue

Venus 221,23 Hz
Earthyear 136,10 Hz
Venus, synodic 171 Hz
Earth, platon. year 172,06 Hz
Earth year  63,8
Track 1, 2, 4: feat. Alien Voices, Burckhard Wolf
Track 3: feat Pascal Steiner, Fritz Dobretzberger
Total: 77:46

Youtube  Venus Transit by SSO Meddley of all tracks

The music was released by Planetware Records and you also can download it legally from iTunes, Amazon and many other shops from about the middle of May 2014.  To make it available not only in the MP3 quality but also in the full audio quality it is distributed in small editions of burned CDs in a  folder as well.   For information in detail about "Venus Transit" see www.planetware-records.de/de/musik/3012_venus-transit.html