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CD "Healing Source" ORIOM

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CD "Healing Source" von ORIOM
Overtone Singing, Ambient, Space Dub, Trip-Hop

CD Healing Source 

by   ORIOM

#Overtone Singing, #Ambient, #Space Dub, #Trip-Hop

ORIOM is the film, electro and world musician Rainer Hartmann. His overtone and throat singing is unique. As ORIOM, he combines his voice with electronic soundscapes that are tuned in resonance with our solar system.

After ORIOM had performed the compositions live for a long time, in 2020 during the lockdown the time had come to publish them in an album. "̈When so much changes on the outside, the need for clarity and support can only be satisfied from within ̈ he said. Music opens the door to the inside and so "Healing Source" was born.

The music album contains six pieces whose basic tones are based on the cycles of the earth (day, year and Platonic year), the sun, the moon, Venus and Mars.

1. Mars Minaret        144.72 Hz Mars
2. One With Everything 172.06 Hz Platonic Year
3. Venus Void          221.23 Hz Venus
4. One Day In Eternity 194.18 Hz Earth Day
5. Slom Ocean          136.10 Hz Earth Year
6. Son Of The Sun      126.22 Hz Sun

Run time: 77 minutes

Audio sample: Album Preview - cross-section of all songs 8:08 min.

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Hans Cousto, Investigator of Planetary Frequencies:

"ORIOM is the safe guide for descending into the deepest emotional realms of one´s self. With a wide spectrum of acoustic colors in planetary tunings, this sonification of astronomic conditions will lead you through the spheres of our solar system in a gentle and subtle way. As distant as the planets may seem when looking at our night sky, the resonances of their celestial orbits will sound familiar when listening to the compositions. An auditory frame to allow listeners in the center of their consciousness to experience and grow the realization of being an integrated part of this oscillating universe - a beautifunf floating experience."