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CD "H2 The Quantum Music of Hydrogen"

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"H2 The Quantum Music of Hydrogen"

Akasha Project

The sound of hydrogen atoms

Acoustic representation of the electron jumps of hydrogen. Based on Hans Cousto's frequency calculations from 1999 "H2 - The Sound of Hydrogen Molecules", Akasha Project developed a special composition method for the octavan-analog implementation of the spectral measurement data of the hydrogen atoms. This work and the production of the purest possible representation of the harmonic conditions on the microcosmic quantum level spanned a period of ten years. The result is a harmonic sound body that, created on the basis of a 'self-composing' musical process, conveys a feeling when listening to what holds the world together in its innermost being. Quantum music is listening to the world.

Tracks / tuning

  1. Balmer (Balmer series)
  2. Quantality Part 01 ( All Spectral)
  3. Crystalisation (All Spectral)
  4. Quantality Part 02 (All Spectral)
  5. Infinite Border (Rydberg, Paschen + Pfung Maximum Value)
  6. Spin-Prepared Piano (All Spectral)

Youtube Video

Information from Hans Cousto on hydrogen tones

CD 77:14 Min.