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CD "Feng Shui Harmony"

19.40 €

Product no.: 97710


Feng Shui Harmony

Richard Hiebinger

New Age, Meditation

Ambience for the acoustic and energetic harmonisation of inner and outer spaces. Feng Shui Harmony is a soft and warm sound space created by the merging of overtone-rich, acoustic instruments from Asia and the sound of water droplets from artistic sound fountains. The breath in the bamboo flutes, the overtones of the Chinese harp, the planetary tones of the singing bowls, the structures of the percussion instruments and the flowing pearls of the water droplets create an acoustic ambience with "good feng shui" and give rise to life-energy spaces in which body, soul and spirit can blossom and fully unfold. Instruments: GuZheng & Dizi (Chinese harp & bamboo flute), water and wind gongs, singing bowls & percussion, sound fountains and energising natural sounds. Musically and sonically improved new edition.

Track / Tuning / Duration / Audio sample

  1. Earth year 9:26 Sample
  2. Venus 8:16 Sample
  3. Moon, Sun, Mars, Plato.year 6:50 Sample
  4. Sun 8:03 Sample
  5. Jupiter, hydrogen, moon, sun 12:14 Sample
  6. Earth year 9:32 Sample
  7. Earth day, synodic 4:26 Sample
  8. Earth day, sidereal 8:58 Sample

Total 67:45 minutes - GEMA-free