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CD+/DVD "Die Geburt der Sonnentrommel"

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Die Geburt der Sonnentrommel

tOM Sonnentrommler

Shamanic / Meditation / Time Art on CD (+eBook) and DVD in digipak

"Die Geburt der Sonnentrommel - Eine multimediale Reise aus dem heutigen Kammerton in die wirklichen Frequenzen unserer Welt"

"The Birth of the Sun Drum - A multimedia journey from today's concert pitch into the real frequencies of our world" — Slowing down everyday life, the deep sun drum sounds at the beginning as if from a gigantic cave. Time is the building material of music and particularly sets the tone for the sun drummer. His instruments are attuned to the temporal rhythms of our earthly existence, to the cycles of days and years and to the lunar phase cycle. Die Geburt der Sonnentrommel is a journey through the cycles of life, into the origins of beginning and end, of day and night, of light and darkness.

Another time aspect is the gradual nature of the project's development: the artist researched for seven years in order to incorporate scientific and mythological-ethnological know-how into his work: among other things, a shaman accompanied him during the ritual construction of the sun drum, which was created especially for this project. The outstanding precision of the planetary tuning was achieved using specially developed studio equipment.

Tracks / minutes / audio samples (1 min each)

  1. Aufbruch 9:56 mp3
  2. Jetzt 23:34 mp3
  3. AllEin 11:22 mp3

Radio Edit 5:06 mp3

"Der Beginn einer langen Reise"

"The beginning of a long journey" — All artistic, philosophical and technical background information is documented in the eBook as an additional data section on the music CD.


"Eine Reise auf die andere Seite"

"A journey to the other side" — The DVD contains a documentary art film. Those who are visually interested can get started with the sun drum project here. The film was nominated for the Cosmic Cine Award 2011.

Detailed information about the project can be found at www.sonnentrommler.de