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Beethovens 'For Elise' with piano color marker

8.00 €

Product no.: 10100


Beethovens 'For Elise'


Johannes Paul & Fritz Dobretzberger

"For Elise" by Ludwig van Beethoven in graphic color notes with keyboard color marks. Probably the most famous classical piano piece now clearly notated in color. The entire piece at a glance without turning the pages - the triptych makes it possible.

"For Elise" on the front, 'Instruction to color note playing' on the back and the self-adhesive, pre-punched keyboard color markings, which are sufficient for two entire 88-key keyboards.

Visit www.colormusic.de for detailed information about the color notes

  • Beethovens 'Für' Elise' in Farbnoten
  • Bilingual: German and English
  • Triptych, 9" x 12" (unfolded 27")
  • Color marks for the keyboard