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2DVD "Angewandtes Qigong" Long Ping (Music: Steve Schroyder)

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Angewandtes Qigong

Long Ping

Applied Qigong by Long Ping

Gertrud Schröder, alias Long Ping, founded a school for martial arts and meditation in Freiburg in 1987, which is now known as the "Friedliche Drache" (Peaceful Dragon). As the quintessence of her practice, she developed the posture training Qigong Dancing® with the POWER OF THE FOUR ANIMALS®. The music on the double DVD was composed by Steve Schroyder (keyboards), Alienvoices (overtone and throat singing) and Holger Teuber (percussion) in the tunings of the Cosmic Octave. Detailed information on the DVD chapters, music titles and their tunings can be found in this >This PDF contains detailed information about the DVD chapters, music titles and their moods.


Qigong dancing / exercises to join in

The power of the four animals:

  • Bear - ground yourself
  • Crane - raise up
  • Tiger - get into action
  • Snake - integrate into everyday life.

The exercises from Qigong Dancing are for participation and learning. An insight into the idea of the four animals and the exercises (slow and fast, alone and with a partner). The theoretical background can be found in Gertrud Schröder's book „Kraft der vier Tiere entdecken“ (Discovering the Power of the Four Animals).


  1. Attunement
  2. Connect heaven and earth
  3. Kata of animal pictures
  4. Qigong forms of the four animals
  5. Partner exercises
  6. Kungfu forms


Taiji - Qigong - Kung Fu / exercises from the Dojo Peaceful Dragon

The movement sequences give an impression of the training. Soft and powerful forms are presented and show the diverse spectrum of Taiji, Qigong, as well as Kung Fu forms, stick, knife and sword exercises.


  1. Taijiquan
  2. Qigong
  3. Kung Fu: The Chins
  4. Tanglang - forms
  5. Kungfu forms
  6. Weapon forms

Language: German