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  • Instruments of the Cosmic Octave

2CD "Urtöne 2"

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Joachim Ernst Berendt
Monochord sound meditation with primordial tones

CD "Urtöne 2"
         by Joachim Ernst Berendt 
         Monochord Meditation

Hans Peter Klein is performing his Sandawa-Monochord which has 39 strings. Each string is tuned in the same primordial tone.

Each track on the double-CD takes 30 minutes.

CD 1
1. VENUS (based on the tone of Venus 221.23 Hz)
2. MARS (based on the tone of Mars 144.72 Hz)

CD 2
1. JUPITER (based on the tone of Jupiter 183.58 Hz)
2. KARUNA SOUND (Venus and Mars together)