• WELCOME to the home of COSMIC OCTAVE
  • WELCOME to the home of COSMIC OCTAVE

Tuning Forks Lplus - with grip pad

Tuning Fork Planet Earth Horizon

Long vibrating tuning forks with ergonomic handle for long-lasting use

Tuning Forks Lplus

The Lplus tuning forks are more solid than the S models and resonate for longer, so they need to be struck less often. Equipped with an ergonomic grip pad, they are ideal for prolonged use. With the different frequencies of the cosmic octave, they are an indispensable tool for sound puncture and energy work.

You can find out more about the differences between the various models, the material, how to strike the tuning forks and much more in the menu under 'General'.

Technical data

  • High frequency accuracy
  • Ergonomic grip pads made of cork-filled elastomer
  • High-contrast labelling with frequency number and name
  • Milled from a single piece of high-quality tool steel and nickel-plated
  • Phase running along the edges
  • Fine matt surface
  • Fork arms 5 x 8 mm / 0.2 x 0.31''