• WELCOME to the home of COSMIC OCTAVE
  • WELCOME to the home of COSMIC OCTAVE

Tuning Forks for Sonopuncture

Tuning forks S + Splus

Model S for occasional use. The Splus model is also equipped with an ergonomic grip pad for holding the tuning fork comfortably.

Tuning forks L + Lplus and tuningfork accessories

The tuning forks of the L models are well suited for continuous use, as they resonate longer after striking due to their greater mass. The Lplus model is also equipped with a grip pad for comfortable handling.

Comparison of tuning fork models with 136.10 Hz

Tuning Forks

The S and Splus models have the same fork arms at the same frequency.

The L and Lplus models are more massive and therefore vibrate longer.

For all models, the higher the tuning frequency, the shorter the fork arms.

Find out more about the different models, the material, the correct handling and how to strike the tuning forks in the menu under 'General'. Choose from different frequencies and experience the transformative power of cosmic tones.