• Instruments of the Cosmic Octave
  • Instruments of the Cosmic Octave
Singing Bowl Venus Brow Chakra

Singing Bowls

Venus ∞ Brow Chakra

Venus singing bowls

Venus' orbit around the sun

Earth's inner neighbouring planet, Venus, orbits the sun in 0.615 years. This is the golden ratio to the Earth year. The apparent orbit that Venus draws in the sky in 8 years resembles a five-petalled figure. The frequency of Venus' solar orbit is a tone A with 221.23 Hz in the 32nd octave. The fundamental tone is one or two octaves higher for small singing bowls and one octave lower for large singing bowls. The octave-analogue colour is yellow-orange.

Mythology and effect

Venus is the Roman goddess of love and erotic desire as well as aesthetics and harmony in nature and art. She is associated with the dolphin, which in ancient times symbolised philanthropy. The sign of Venus, a cross under a circle, symbolises femininity. The Venus tone promotes the pursuit of harmony and the higher energy of love. The tone is assigned to the brow chakra Ajna (third eye).


The description of the effect of the cosmic octave tones is based on subjective experience and is intended as a suggestion. Try out for yourself how the vibration feels and observe how you and others react to it. Gain experience with the Venus tone in order to recognise its effects more and more clearly.