MCD "Let´s Mozart"

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MCD "Let´s Mozart"
by Star Sounds Orchestra feat. Blue Violin

Venusian Trance


On January 27, 1756 the grand master of occidental ballroom dancing Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born. To celebrate his 250th birthday worthily on today's dance floors the musicians of the Star Sounds Orchestra and Blue Violin dressed some of his compositions from "Zauberflöte" and "Kleine Nachtmusik" up with the sounds of the 21. century.

At initial performances the audience repeatedly expressed the conclusion: "That's just the sound of Amadeus rocking today". From young to old, from friends of classical music to techno freaks, rarely have such mixed dance floors been animated to swing so extensively driven by Mozart's com-po-sitions in a mix of Disco and Trance.

All track in venus-tuning.

Tracks                min.
01. Allegro Unlimited  4:15
02. Tamino Bounce      4:24
03. Easy Osiris        6:11
04. Königin der Nacht  5:12
Maxi-CD               20:06


"Allegro Unlimited" (live)



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