Differences between CLASSIC, COLOUR CRYSTAL

Differences between CLASSIC, COLOUR CRYSTAL

Differences between CLASSIC, COLOUR CRYSTAL

Product Lines of the Planetary Wind Chimes from SCHNEIDER

All planet-models are available in the three product lines CLASSICCOLOUR and CRYSTAL.



The classic “original harmonic wind chimes” with their time-tested design. Each planetary model has its classic form characterised by either curved or straight shapes.




The smooth lead crystal prism integrated in the clapper creates beautiful light reflections throughout the room. This line is therefore especially suited for feng shui interior design.




In this series the audible fundamental note is accompanied by its visible colour pendant. The colourfully glazed wooden elements are an attractive contrast to the otherwise predominant gold and silver.


The wind chime models Terra, Saturn, Mars, Sol, Luna and Jupiter come with silver- or gold-anodised rods and the wooden parts have a natural finish or can be stained blackThe rods on the wind chimes Venus are gold-plated, the wooden elements having a natural finish. The wind chime Mercury has silver-anodised solid rods and a natural wood finish. In addition, Mercury-Classic is also available with stained black rods.

For using the wind chimes outdoors exposed to the weather we recommend models with natural finished wooden parts which can be oiled from time to time.

More information about their manufacture, harmonics, planetary notes, feng shui and a diagram displaying the size comparison between the planetary models can be found here