Tuning Forks "L"

Tuning Forks "L" (large)

Tuning Forks "L" (large)

Large tuning forks for frequent usage

About 60% heavier than tuning forks "S" or "S≈plus", they resonate approximately twice as long and therefore do not have to be struck as often during prolonged professional use.

  • Intricately cut from a single piece of stainless steel and nickel-plated.
  • Smooth matt finish
  • Prongs with chamfered edges all round. 
  • Extremely high pitch precision of +/- 1 Cent (= 1 hundredths of a semitone).
  • High-contrast inscription denoting the frequency and planet.

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Large sized tuning forks.

For tunings forks "L" with other frequencies
see selection there.

52.00 € *
Product no.: 22007

7 large sized tuning forks in a pleather bag; including 1 Top Piece and booklet

364.00 € *
Product no.: 22013

SUN - EARTH - MOON - PLANETS: 13 large sized tuning forks in a pleather bag, incl. 1 Top Piece and booklet.

669.00 € *
Product no.: 22025

25 large tuning forks "L" (Sun-, earth-, moon-, planet- and special tones) in 2 bags from pleather, ​incl. 1 Top Piece and booklet.

1,248.00 € *
Product no.: 22000

To put on all tuning forks "L", "Lplus" and "Splus" to round over the stem of the forks.

9.00 € *
Price incl. VAT, plus Shipping