Chakra Tuning Forks "L"

Chakra Tuning Forks "L"

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Chakra Tuning Forks "L"

AvailabilityThe tuning fork L "136,10 Hz Earth-Year" is currently missing in this set. It can be delivered subsequently from about December 27, 2017.

7 large sized tuning forks "L" in a pleather bag:

1. Chakra = 194.18 Hz Earth-day
2. Chakra = 210.42 Hz Moon, synodic
3. Chakra = 126.22 Hz Sun tone
4. Chakra = 136.10 Hz Earth-year, Om
5. Chakra = 141.27 Hz Mercury
6. Chakra = 221.23 Hz Venus
7. Chakra = 172.06 Hz Earth-Platonic year

Including 1 Top Piece and the booklet "The Cosmic Octave Tuning Forks".
Here you can download the booklet as PDF for free.

For more details about Chakra Tuning frequencies please click here

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