Space Flutes

Space Flutes

Space Flutes



Spaceflute Overtone Flutes

With the Space Flute, beginners can start playing right away and professionals will be impressed with the natural but impeccable accuracy of the tones produced by the overtone flutes of HERTZ+KLANG.

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Single space-flute (overtone-flutes) made from brass, available for each of the different cosmic tunings of the earth, the moon, the planets and the sun.

The space flutes will be made on demand.

189.00 € *
Product no.: 25900

Required part of the Space-Flute Interchangeable-Set.

Please notice: To make the interchangeable space-flutes ready to play, you have to assamble the mouthtube with one of the nine endpieces.

The space flutes will be made on demand.

211.00 € *

can be shipped within - 30 days

An endpiece assembled with the mouthtube results in a playable Space-Flute.
from 76.00 € *
Price incl. VAT, plus Shipping